KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Across Knox County professional lawn crews and mowers are a hot commodity right now, but for one local landscaping company crew members and funds are being stretched thin.

“Everything has gone up,” My 3 Son’s Landscaping & Mowing co-owner Dee Futrell said.

With prices high and the number of people looking for work low, the landscaping company is struggling.

“They’re expecting last year’s rates, that’s almost double for what it was last year,” Futrell explained.

My 3 Son’s Landscaping & Mowing Owner Patrick Futrell works outside a customer’s house

Thanks to inflation, gas, equipment and materials are more expensive and have left the business and its customers struggling to cope.

“Decks are falling through or they don’t have handrails and they’re elderly,” Futrell told WATE. “There’s certain things that need to be done that we can’t get to because they a) can’t afford the materials and we don’t have the materials to supply for them.”

While the business tries to meet customers’ needs, some people are not taking the news well.

“I get an earful and then I have to break it down and explain it to them,” Futrell said. “Our labor is going to be this amount, the materials this amount.”

Other customers, like Beth Owens, say they are choosing to bite the bullet.

“If they want to get their stuff done, then you have to do what you have to do. You can complain about everything, and it doesn’t do any good.”

Beth Owens, customer

As the situation continues, My 3 Son’s is pleading for understanding.

“We’ve got to get them paid and and we’ve got to eat ourselves,” Futrell said. “Just try to be understanding that everything and everybody has gone up. It’s not just us small, individuals that are having to raise our prices.”

If you are looking for a job, My 3 Son’s Landscaping & Mowing is hiring. You can find their contact information below.