Landslide at Hawkins/Hancock county line sends drivers on long detour

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Drivers can expect a 50-minute detour because State Route 66 is closed at the Hawkins/Hancock county line due to a landslide.

The slide was caused by heavy rains Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Photos and video from the area show the roadway crumbling down the hillside.

Tennessee Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Nagi calls it a “long term closure” and provided a detour map that sends people onto highways 94, 70 and 33 before returning to State Route 66. 

There is currently no word on when the road will reopen. Nagi says TDOT geotechnical engineers are assessing the situation.

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Elsewhere in Hawkins County, there was much work to be done on David Henegar’s farm on Laurel Branch Road – all because of floodwater.

“It’s crossed the road before but this time it got so high that the trash washed the fence across the road,” said David Henegar. 

It had to be done, so that his livestock didn’t get out. 

“I built a shed where they can stay in the dry and I feed them in the dry and they were inside during all the rain,” Henegar said. 

Poor Valley Creek Road was one of the hardest hit areas in Hawkins County. 

“I had a rain gauge at the house that I put up yesterday and we had six inches in that rain gauge that I measured with a tape measure.”

Further down where Henegar lives off Laurel Branch Road, some of it had washed away. 

“It’s hurtful because you’ve got a lot of trash washed out in the field an you can’t get out in the field til it’s dry in the summer,” he said, but like some many out in this community, there’s relief more damage wasn’t done. “One of these acts of the good Lord and we’ll repair everything and be ready for the next one.”

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