CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE)–The Tennessee Aquarium launched the Global Passport Program, as a way for guests to learn even more about the over 11,000 animals from all seven continents within the aquarium.

During each month of the program, there will be signage and online content focusing on a species found on a different continent. In March, the first month of the program, North American animals were highlighted, then in April, to focus was shifted to the many South American animals.

In May, Global Passport will home in on Asian animals, including colossal Giant Japanese Spider Crabs, prismatic Indo-Pacific reef fish, and a host of adorable turtle hatchlings in the new Turtles of the World gallery.

Guests can download and print off a “passport” from that’s packed with information and activities, in addition, guests can receive a free sticker “stamp” for their passport by visiting the gift shop.

Those arriving during the late spring and early summer will notice a flurry of activity in the Aquarium’s colony of Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins as they have been building nests since early April as they enter their breeding season. In late May or early June, visitors should keep an eye out for the arrival of eggs and eventually chicks.

(Photo via Tennessee Aquarium/Casey Phillips)