Lenoir City father buys Super Bowl ad to catch Trump’s attention

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An East Tennessee father is hoping his heartache catches the attention of President Trump and he’s hoping it happens right before the Super Bowl.

For more than a year, we’ve been telling you about the call for change the Eimers family is wanting after their 17-year old daughter, Hannah, was killed in a car crash involving an X-Lite guardrail. Since the crash, Hannah’s father, Steve, has been working with lawmakers to get the guardrail system removed across the country.

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Eimers recently paid $1,000 for a 30-second commercial that will air around 2 p.m. during the Super Bowl’s pre-game show in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“Last year, he watched the Super Bowl at Mar-a-Lago, so I decided let’s see what it costs,” said Eimers.

It was filmed inside the studio at Pellissippi State Community College, where Hannah took classes in video and film production.

“Working with him on this is an honor because his cause is righteous,” said Hannah’s former professor, Rus Harper.

During the 30-second spot, Eimers speaks directly to President Trump and references his daughter’s car accident, “President Trump, your concerns about guardrail spearing are legitimate.”

Eimers is hoping for a conversation to talk about the Federal Highway Administration and road safety improvements.

“I’d like to see the President commit the United States to the National Safety Council’s road to zero initiative,” sad Eimers. “That’s what I’d really like to see. The goal to reduce highway deaths to zero by 2046. It’s an attainable goal.”

But no matter who sees it, Eimers hopes it will grab their attention.

“I hope to see an army of Davids rise up and say ‘Enough is enough is enough,'” he said.

The message is already touching hearts of students who helped produce the ad, even those who didn’t get to know Hannah.

“It shows we are a voice, we can implement some kind of change, you just gotta try,” said Sophomore Coby Wester.

Over the last year, Eimers has used billboards, road signs, and letters to grab the attention of lawmakers. When asked what’s next, he said that it’s still uncertain though he plans on continuing to use his First Amendment rights to create change.

We also reached out to the Lindsay Corporation which manufactures the X-Lite system. In a statement they said:

“We welcome efforts that bring the transportation community together to enhance safety on our roadways. Unfortunately, this ad will not accomplish that goal. Lindsay continues to work collaboratively with road safety stakeholders to develop solutions that improve road safety and reduce risks for drivers.”

Lindsay Corporation added that when properly installed and maintained, roadside hardware like the X-Lite system reduces the number and severity of injuries in accidents.

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