A Middle Tennessee goat is jumping for joy after walking for the first time in her life. Lolli is now able to run and play, thanks to two new prosthetic legs. 

The baby goat has lived a rough life since she was born last winter in the extreme cold. The Gentle Barn took her in after her back feet were frostbite. She was brought to the University of Tennessee’s Animal Hospital for treatment. For some time, an amputation was the likely outcome for her trauma. But a double prosthesis worked. 

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“She only really had one good back residual limb and the other one she couldn’t use at all. So she’s kind of been more quiet, more sedentary. But now, the minute you put her prosthetics on, she becomes so animated and full of life,” said Ellie Laks, with the Gentle Barn. 

The big moment for Lolli the goat was when she tried on her new fancy feet. 

“To take an animal that is so destitute and to be able to see that sparkle in their eye, the hope and life come back into their limbs,this is literally what we live for,” said Laks. 

Lolli is healed and has been cleared by the medical staff to be released back into the open pastures of the Gentle Barn sanctuary in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

For the time being, Lolli is resting with her mom Mini May and she has her prosthetic legs put on every two hours, on and off throughout the day. Two months later down the road, the hope is that she’ll be able to wear them all day long and only have them taken off during bedtime.

Laks adds, “Their body has to get used to it. There might be some swelling along the way, so it’s a very gradual process.”

The process will take some time, but Lolli is happy to spend the rest of her days at the Gentle Barn with purpose. 

“She’ll give hope and inspiration to people who are suffering from physical struggles. She’s been given a lot and now she gets to pay it forward,” said Laks. 

The Gentle Barn says the hospital stay for Lolli will be thousands of dollars and the organization is always in need of donations. If you’re interested in sponsoring Lolli or any of the other animals, you can help fund their progress. 

On Thanksgiving Day The Gentle Barn is inviting everyone to come out to “A Gentle Thanksgiving” from 3-8 p.m. on the farm. Vegan food will be served, and there will be a Native American Drum Circle performed.