KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Tennessee is one of the many U.S. states that try to win millions to billions of dollars from the Powerball jackpot. However, there are other ways to win money in the state.

According to the Tennessee Lottery website, there is a big market for scratch-it cards in Tennessee. Some cards offer huge prizes and price tags between $1 and $30 for each.

Here are the most popular scratch-it cards from the Tennessee Lottery:

  • $100 in a Flash: Ticket worth $1 for a chance to win $100 prizes.
  • Blackjack: Ticket worth $1 for a chance to win the $2,000 top prize and five hands.
  • Quick 7s: Ticket worth $1 to win up to $5,000.
  • Xtra Bonus: A person can win up to six times from the same ticket worth $1 or more.
  • Hit 50: $1 or more tickets from buy-ins with $50 prizes.
  • Mighty Jumbo Bucks: Ticket worth $30 for a chance to win $5 million.
  • Monopoly: Play this classic board game for $5 to win big.
  • Winning Streak: Ticket worth $5 for a chance to win the top prize of $200,000.

There’s also another popular short-duration game called keno.

According to Britannica, Keno is a type of gambling game where a player can choose numbers between 1-80 on a ticket. The player will circle as many numbers as they can and then register their ticket. If the player’s numbers match then they’ll win a prize.

The drawings happen every few minutes and tickets can be bought at a retail outlet, according to Tennessee Lottery. The person is also required to pay according to how many numbers were selected.

In Tennessee, three other national lottery games are active other than Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America and Cash 4 Life.

  • Mega Millions, like Powerball, is well-known and has reached over $1.2 billion. The ticket is $2.
  • Lotto America is a multi-state lottery that is played three times a week and offers jackpots worth at least $2 million, according to the Lotto America website. The ticket is $1 per line.
  • Cash 4 Life is a multi-jurisdictional lottery drawing game that offers nightly drawings. The ticket is $2 per drawing.

Tennessee Lottery states on its website that lottery games were one of the few legal forms of gambling in the state. Recently, one person won the largest Powerball jackpot worth $2 billion. Some people are also winning smaller prizes.