Loudon County authorities returning recovered stolen property

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The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations division is trying to return some stolen items to their owners.

Items include motorcycles, several firearms, a guitar and a Rolex watch.

If you recognize any of these items and know who the rightful owners are you can call the Criminal Investigations division at 865-986-4823. Just ask to speak to Lieutenant Patrick Upton.

How to protect your home and valuables:

“Home burglaries, most occur during the day while people are away from home,” said Cpl. Matt Fagiana with the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say most burglars don’t want to be confronted and a lot come in through the back door of a home depending on how it’s laid out or where it sits.

One important step in protecting your belongings is making sure doors and windows are locked. Fagiana says a door should have more than one lock and a deadbolt makes a big difference, also installing a home security system is a good option.

“Changing up your pattern as far as how you come and go, what lights you leave on, what lights you turn off, maybe where you park your cars,” Fagiana said.

Burglars are looking for small, expensive items like laptops, TVs, jewelry, firearms and anything of value.

“Take the time to do an inventory of your house. With your TVs, every TV has a serial number, every firearm has a serial number. Just make a list of the make, model, the serial numbers of your valuables,” said Fagiana.

LCSO says to keep that list safe because if your belongings are stolen, they can use that information to better track items down if they’re pawned.

“They want to come and go as quickly as possible without being seen,” said Fagiana.

He says it’s also a good idea to hide valuables in unpredictable areas of your home.

“The more you make it difficult on them, the less likely you are to fall victim,” he said.

Another option is creating a neighborhood watch program. LCSO says if you’re going on vacation, do not post about it while you’re away. You can also have deputies do a ‘vacation check’ where they drive by while on patrol in the mornings and evenings to make sure everything’s okay.

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