LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — London County Deputy Mark Rodriguez saved a woman’s life because of a new program spearheaded by the department in partnership with Priority EMS.

“I just love to help people and protect and serve,” said Deputy Rodriguez.

Deputy Rodriguez is one of 12 Deputies who recently completed an Emergency Medical Responder Certification Program. The sheriff’s office’s decision to better train their deputies as medical first responders is proving to save lives.

“Nine times out of ten law enforcement is going to be your first on the scene,” said Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis. “We had a full emergency responders class for our deputies which is the first level of medical training.”

Last week the deputy was called to an incident with a woman having a medical emergency, “Dispatcher Sue told us that she was no longer breathing. So I immediately knew I had to get out the AED.”

His quick action and training saved the woman’s life.

“Deputy Rodriguez was right there on the scene. Even if he’d been a little distance away, he came in, knew the training he had to do, and he was able to assess the patient, ask the person to assist, I believe the husband assisted with CPR while he got and prepared to shock, and thankfully to the Lord, it worked,” Chief Deputy Jimmy Davis said.

Rodriguez said without the training the situation could have been a much different one. The sheriff’s office hopes to be able to train more of their deputies and add more equipment to their patrols.

If you or your organization would like to help fund the purchase of additional AED’s or Medical Equipment for our EMR’s, please contact Sergeant Matt Fagiana at mfagiana@lcsotn.org.