KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider did not go far to find who would replace Sgt. Chris Jenkins as the leader of the office’s day shift. Guider announced late Tuesday that Jenkins’ “right hand teammate” Cpl. Brian Smith would be promoted to sergeant and fill the void left by Jenkins’ death in February.

Guider said the decision had the backing of every supervisor in the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office.

“We all agreed that Corporal Brian Smith was the man needed to help heal the men of his shift,” Guider said in a social media post. “Chris Jenkins left giant shoes to fill and no one knew the operations and style of that shift better than Smith.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision in terms of ‘who’ to select since everyone of my division supervisors voiced their support in wanting Brian to take over the void Chris left. I know Sergeant Smith will excel in his role and I know he will take care of his folks the way Chris would have wanted.”

Smith began his care at LCSO in 2006 and was promoted to patrol deputy three years later. He was promoted to corporal in 2017 and has served on both evening and day squad.