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Madisonville daycare cited after infant found restrained during naptime

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A daycare in Madisonville was ordered to take corrective action by the Department of Human Services after it was reported that a baby was restrained by a blanket while taking a nap.

According to DHS, on August 30, the 9-month-old baby at Teachers' Tots Learning Center on Warren Street in Madisonville was also covered with a blanket during naptime, which violates safe sleep procedures. Other infants napping in pack 'n plays were also covered with blankets.

The child's family reached out to WATE 6 On Your Side and said they found the baby tied up during naptime at the daycare. 

"Our son, who is Easton Miller,  laying there, 9-months-old, on his belly," said Linell Miller. "Had this blanket, and as Miss Brandy pulls the blanket back, from his feet, back to his neck, there I see a sheet had his feet tied up, his legs, and his thighs.. double knotted"

The child's mom Andrea says she was in disbelief.

"Confusion, anger, sadness, guilt for putting trust into people to care for one of the most important person's in my life," said Andrea. "A lot of emotions."

"A sheet was used to tie him around his thighs and around his arms and chest," said the family. "It was told to use that it was a tactic used to keep him from 'wallowing' around while he was sleeping."

They went on to say the child was placed on his belly and sweating profusely. 

DHS said one staff member was placed on a safety plan and the infant room was closed while staff members were retrained. 

A follow-up inspection on Sept. 20 found no violations.

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