KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A fantastic milestone for one local radio show: Twenty years of programming for the Marc and Kim Show on Star 102.1.

For so many in East Tennessee, listening to Marc and Kim is the only way to get through their morning drive.

“I thought I would get a 20-year prison stay before I had a show that lasted 20 years,” jokes Marc Anthony. 

Anthony and Kim Hansard, better known as Marc and Kim, have been gracing the airways for 20 years.

“We tell stories about our lives. My kids when I got here were 10, 7, and 4 and now my children are 31, 28 and 25 and I am also a grandfather now so things have evolved. We’ve been through an entire adoption with Kim and her son Eli,” says Anthony.

A rare milestone in an industry always looking for the next best thing.

“I don’t think there is anything easy about it, really. You don’t ever think you will ever have a ‘this will be our 20-year show’ or we’re going to be together for 30 years, but you hope that. But we have just been fortunate to get along well and to work well, and I think make a good team,” said Hansard. 

Devoted listeners love them for their sweet and salty combination. Show producer Will Meyer, is the fresh addition to the mix.  

Over the years, they’ve done more than just entertain.

“We have been very blessed that the community took us in and much of how they think of us as family. We think of them as family. They share these stories with us. They laugh when we laugh, they cry when we cry. They send us notes of compassion when we are going through a hard time. We are blessed to be surrounded by a community that has really embraced us,” said Hansard. 

Anthony says he’s most proud of the way their platform has helped those in need: “Being apart of the community has been memorable for us. Doing all of the stuff we’ve done with [East Tennessee] Children’s Hospital over the years, Dancing with the Knoxville Stars… Raising millions of dollars with our radiothons to me has been the highlight.”

And they have no plans of stopping now.

“The plan is to stay here as long as they will have us. We want to be here until we don’t do this anymore. and quite frankly, today right now, I can’t imagine not doing this.”