Maryville couple frustrated over mobile home setup delay

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A couple in Maryville has waited months to move into their new mobile home. They paid for their home in full more than two months ago, but there’s been a long delay in the setup process. The owner of the mobile home sales company says he’s done nothing wrong.

If you had close to $100,000 tied up in a home that you have waited months to occupy, you would likely be frustrated. Tim and Mary Skipper are beyond that. They are angry and tired of the snail’s pace progress of getting into their home.

From the outside, the double-wide looks almost move-in ready. But inside, it’s a different story. Tim and Mary Skipper’s laundry room is filled with tools and construction equipment. One of their bedrooms looks the same way. Another had the carpeting stripped, but no new flooring has yet been installed. Mary Skipper said she’s waiting weeks on the flooring to be finished. 

Outside, there’s still no underpinning or heat pump. The place has looked like a construction site for more than two months. The Skippers purchased the double-wide from First Select Homes in Powell more than five months ago. The couple’s home is in the restricted Ridgeview subdivision. With the expansive back porch still unfinished, the 1,500 square foot home sits on half an acre.

Tim and Mary Skipper

Their contract shows they paid $59,000 for the double wide. Set up items like the electric, water, sewer and other jobs were an additional cost.

“All of the extra set up, underpinning and everything was $16,500,” said Mary Skipper.

The total paid by the retired couple was $78,000, paid in full. Two porches cost an additional $20,000, of which $15,000 has been paid. Mary and Tim Skipper said they’ve become increasingly frustrated at the endless delays and with the owner of First Select Homes who she said has ignored their pleas.

“He’s not sending nobody out here to do it,” Mary Skipper said. “He’s not given us a reason.”

She thought it would only take a couple of weeks to get everything done. She said they bought the home from Keith Clotfelter at First Select. Tim Skipper hasn’t been too happy with him.

“It gets you sick. It makes you sick to your stomach,” he said.

Clotfelter wasn’t at his office in Powell, so WATE 6 On Your Side called him. He offered an explanation for the delay.

“Number one, we’re not trying to hurt or beat anyone out of anything. But everything has stages and they’ve done a lot of additions to their house outside of the deal,” said Clotfelter.

Clotfelter says state regulations require certain things have to be finished first before a state sticker is issued allowing occupancy. He said the big hold up presently is the porches. They have to be up before the state can come out. The couple said the crew working on the porches and the flooring was approved by First Select and they don’t understand why there’s been a delay.

“Well we’ve been waiting since August to get this set up. We have called you, you didn’t answer the phone. We called and were told you’d call back and you didn’t,” said Mary Skipper.

Clotfelter assured the Skippers they won’t have to wait much longer.

“You are looking at about a week to finish everything out,” he said.

The couple trusts that First Select Homes will deliver on its promise.

“It’s frustrating not having a home. I want to live in it,” said Mary Skipper.

Clotfelter said he’s done nothing wrong and he believed the setup process was on time. There are state regulations that have to be followed when setting up a mobile home. Clotfelter said he was following those rules. The Skippers called WATE 6 On Your Side because they couldn’t get the business owner’s attention.

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