Thursday Emily Gilstorff was able to wrap her arms around the trauma nurses at UT Medical Center. The same nurses who fought to keep her alive. 

“Four years ago they didn’t think I would make it this far,” said Gilstorff. “They gave me 15% chance of survival I think.”

Sunday marked four years since the ATV accident that almost took the Michigan woman’s life. 

“I was going towards the ditch and I just turned to quickly to avoid the ditch,” said Gilstorff. “I just kind of slid off my four-wheeler. Four wheeler went over my body. Mom says I wasn’t breathing, moving or making any noise.”

Gilstorff has no memory of the accident or her stay at UT Medical Center but every year since then Emily and her family have made the trip to Knoxville to thank the trauma staff for what they did.

“I was behind her when the accident happened,” said KelliAnn Hume, Gilstorff’s mom. “I, from moment one, have been through every single stage of this. It’s important for us to keep these memories alive and that’s why we come back.”

Gilstorff says she is hoping her story will inspire others.

“I love sharing my story just to give people hope and encouragement that they can see my scar, they know I had a [tracheotomy].. That they can get through it.”