PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WATE) – An East Tennessee delegate to the Democratic National Convention was forced to leave after party officials say he became “overly aggressive” with a Knoxville Bernie Sanders supporter.

Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Spencer Bowers says Hillary Clinton delegate Jerry Ogle from Monroe County had his credentials revoked after an incident with Sanders delegate Amanda Kruel of Knoxville.LIVE: Democratic National Convention coverage

Kruel said Ogle assaulted her at the convention Monday because he was angry that she was supporting Sanders.

“While I was shouting about Bernie, this… Hillary delegate… he was not happy about that. So he was sort of grumbling at me and giving me dirty looks when I would turn around. There was one point where he grabbed me by my shoulder. He twisted me around and he told me, ‘Act like a Democrat.'” Kruel said during a Facetime interview with reporter Brandon Rook.

Kruel said she informed Mary Mancini, chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party, about what happened and she had his credentials revoked Tuesday morning.

“I was very angry because… that was a political thing because he did not want me to support Bernie. It’s fine for Hillary people to interrupt speeches and scream Hillary’s name, but apparently it’s not fine for Bernie supporters to do the same thing,” she said.

Ogle gave The Tennessean a different account of what happened, saying he only tapped Kruel on the shoulder and did not forcefully grab her. He admitted to the Nashville newspaper that his actions were inappropriate, but did not think they warranted being removed as a delegate.

“We’re Democrats. We should get along. We should be working together,” said Kruel.

Ogle was replaced by a standby delegate.

“As a Bernie supporter, I’m able to stand strong and not be violent and not fight,” said Kruel.

Kruel says she does not plan to press charges.