Morgan County 911 communications center monitoring flood warning for Emory River

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After days of rain, some areas of Morgan County have more water accumulated than usual, and with more rain expected, emergency crews are monitoring potential flooding areas. 

A flood warning for Emory River in Oakdale has been extended through Saturday evening, according to Morgan County 911. 

Reports at 3:00 p.m. Friday the river’s stage was 14.6 feet. WATE 6 On Your Side Meterologists are forcasting it will be at flood stage, which is 27 feet, by Saturday afternoon. 

Morgan County 9-11 Director, Matthew Brown, says his team is monitoring water levels across the county, especially in Oakdale and Sunbright, areas that can be prone to flooding. 

“We get information from The National Weather Service, we’re in on conference calls with the National Weather Service, we’re listening to local news and weather, NOAA weather, getting the forecast…” said Brown. 

Brown says when the Emory River reaches flood stage, flooding begins on Riverview Road. Homes and public spaces closest to the river can, potentially, have up to nearly four feet of water inside. 

“This is the most rain we’ve seen in a long time. It’s not something we experience often,” said Brown. 

Brown says he advises homeowners along the river to keep a “go bag” packed in case of evacuation or flooding, but at this time, there is no evacuation order in place. 

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