Morristown family continues search for loved one 2 years after disappearance

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Two years have passed since the last time anyone heard from Inesha Haygood. She was last seen December 28, 2015, leaving her home in Morristown. 

Since then the Haygoods have been holding vigils for people to gather, pray and keep Inesha in their thoughts. As another year goes by, they’re still holding out hope she’ll be found alive.

“She’s on my mind all the time. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her,” said Inesha’s mom, Brenda Haygood.

Every day seems to get harder and the heartache of missing Inesha Haygood gets murkier.

“I don’t know if I rather them never find her and just keep that hope or find her and know and have some peace or whatever. There’s never going to be no peace,” said Brenda Haygood.

Months ago Morristown investigators found human remains. Some initially believed they could be Inesha’s, but they weren’t.

“I pray every day. I pray all the time and I’m not angry at God or nothing. I know we all have to go one day, I just never really thought she’d go like this. I thought I’d know where she was, lay her to rest and have some closure,” added Brenda Haygood.

The family says it’s been two years of suffering, especially for Inesha Haygood’s 9-year old daughter. 

“No child should have to suffer like this. My baby was just 24 years old. She was just starting to live her life.”

While the Haygoods feel Inesha is no longer alive, they still have hope they’ll get answers because maybe one day she’ll walk through their front door.

“Her heart was right with God. If she’s gone, she’s in a better place than we are,” said Brenda Haygood.

Morristown police say this is still an active investigation. They searched a property in Cocke County in October using cadaver dogs, though they did not find anything.

For an extra set of eyes, Morristown police investigators are having TBI look at the case because they believe there may be connections in other jurisdictions.

If you know something about Inesha Haygood’s disappearance, give them a call no matter how small or insignificant you may feel the information is. Police say it could be the key to solving this case. You can remain anonymous by calling their tip line at (423) 585-1833.

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