KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Parents have reached the point where they have had enough after seeing cars not stopping for school buses when they are loading and unloading students. One parent is even going as far as stepping in front of a car to get it to stop.

Stepping in front of a moving vehicle has become almost second nature for Alicia Hurst, a mother of a 16-year-old. who is only trying to send the simple message to stop.

“It’s blatantly obvious, you have a big yellow vehicle with flashing lights, with a stop sign that comes out that’s also flashing, that tells you to stop, it’s just common sense,” Hurst said.

Stopping for a school bus picking up or unloading children is a nationwide law, but many vehicles ignore this and keep going. Hurst said they feel there aren’t many options left to get people to brake, leading her to do what she said is just instinct to keep her child safe.

“I mean we shouldn’t have to be throwing anybody’s life in front of a moving vehicle to get their attention to stop,” she said.

The Maryville police agree it’s a dangerous move. They said there’s a better solution to handle this problem.

“When you have issues like that, that you see, call your local law enforcement,” Cpt. Michael Braden with Maryville police said.

It’s a problem that residents said they have seen for too long. David Bray, who has been a bus driver for nine years said he sees cars pass him constantly.

“I’m always looking in the mirrors before they (students) cross because there’s times there are ones that will pass around a bus,” he said.

As for Hurst, she is just hoping people will finally realize the dangers of passing a school bus when their lights are flashing.

“You take someone’s life they’re never going to come back and you have changed a family forever,” she said.

Maryville police said this is a problem they want to address and would like for anyone who witnesses this in their neighborhood to call the police department and they’ll work to have more police presence in the areas that are seeing it constantly.