The mother of a soldier killed at home in 2016 is upset after learning the case might move from adult court to juvenile court with a lesser charge. A teenage boy, Jacob Kinney, is accused of shooting and killing MarStratton Gordon, 23, in Harriman. The motion to move the teen’s case to juvenile court would have a big impact on his time behind bars if he’s found guilty.

Court documents allege Kinney shot Gordon in the head with a .357 round after a fight broke out between Gordon and his girlfriend, Kinney’s sister. The documents say the teen entered the hallway between his bedroom and his sister’s room, pointed the weapon at Gordon, and fired one round. The bullet hit Gordon in the face, killing him.

Gordon’s mother is Monica Turner. She believed the motion to move the case to juvenile court would not bring justice.

“It’s about justice for my son. You know, ’cause I know my child. He didn’t do anything wrong but try to get out,” she said.

Kinney was charged with second-degree murder and a Roane County juvenile court at the time found there was probable cause to move the case to adult court. Then, a grand jury looked at the case last year and it believed there was probable cause for reckless homicide, which is a reduced charge. A motion was filed to send it back to juvenile court.

“It’s not right. That means no justice for my son,” said Turner.

A person found guilty of second-degree murder could face 15 to 25 years in prison. A person found guilty of reckless homicide could face two to four years.

“To me, it’s just another set back that it’s ok for our teenagers to get out here and just use guns whenever they can,” Turner said.

The Roane County Circuit Court Clerk said the court will reconvene on April 6.