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Natural gas line disruption could affect East Tenn. customers into January

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - A natural gas explosion in Smith County, Tennessee, continues to impact the natural gas supply in East Tennessee, with repairs that could last into mid-January.

The incident cut off all natural gas supply to several utilities in East Tennessee. Enbridge, the company that owns the pipeline, says repairs on the impacted section could last into early or mid-January. The utilities say the mild weather is helping to lessen the need for natural gas, but the weather is always subject to change.

A number of East Tennessee utility companies are working together, including Knoxville Utilities Board, Lenoir City Utilities Board, Jefferson Cocke County Utility District, Oak Ridge Utility District, Powell Clinch Utility District, and Sevier County Utility District.

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The utilities say they are working to minimize the impact of the shortage on its customers. Many of those utilities have curtailed usage by large, interruptible customers.

However, they are asking all natural gas customers to, if possible, turn down thermostats on natural gas heating units and hot water heaters, wash laundry in cold water, reduce usage of natural gas appliances such as fireplace logs and clothes dryers, and consider alternative cooking methods.

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