KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — An investigation is underway after a man fled from Knoxville police and then barricaded himself in an apartment.

Diane Nichols is fed up with crimes near Western Heights, which is the Knoxville Community Development Corporation’s largest affordable housing property.

“Little girl got killed what a week ago, she got shot right up here on Jourolman. Right up the street which ain’t that far away from me,” she said.

Nichols lives across the street from Western Heights and she had a front row seat to Knoxville police trying to talk a man out of an apartment after a car chase.

Knoxville Police respond to a barricaded man in Western Heights.

‘You see a lot,” Nichols said. “This neighborhood is bad for it. You got to really be careful because if you want to hide out, you come here. That’s about the way it is.”

Mike Parton lives in Western Heights and watched as the incident played out. He was frightened so he decided to leave for his mom’s house about an hour away.

He said, “It was just very, very, nail-biting tenseness to not know which way this guy was going to go. I was in the apartments across from where he exited so I was about 50 feet away.”

Police report, that after talking with negotiators, around 6:00 p.m. the barricaded man voluntarily exited the apartment and was taken into custody without incident.

“I was glad to see all of the police,” Parton said. “And I definitely felt safer when they were there, but I have not seen anything like this here.”

I asked Nichols, “What keeps you staying here? Why do you stay?”

“Because of my husband,” she responded. “My dead husband bought me this place and we just bought the trailer two days before he died. So this is my home so I ain’t got nowhere else to go.”

While Nichols says it’s good to have police patrolling her neck of the woods, she would like to see more authoritative action in the Western Heights area because she’s tired of her property being damaged due to the crimes nearby.

The identity of the barricaded man who was taken into custody has not been released. According to police, he may face charges for fleeing.