DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) — A new 500-site RV resort is coming to 207 acres in Jefferson County. The nearly $18 million Forest Grove RV Resort will be located on Harbin Road just off of Interstate 40 in Dandridge.

Forest Grove Resort developer Tim Hine said there’s a lot more than just RV sites included in this first phase of the project.

“There’s going to be a covered basketball court, in case it rains the kids will still be able to come out and do something, volleyball, horseshoes,” Hine said. “There’s a catch-and-release pond that we’re going to have. The swimming pool is going to be fifty-by-eighty (feet) with four water slides in it. There’s going to be a fifty-by-eighty (foot) dog park. It’ll also have a splash pad for the small kids.”

Hine said that will not be all of the amenities the resort will have. Once both construction phases are complete, there will be a total of 500 RV sites and 100 cabins built, in addition to the entertainment features. Some of the other features include a small market, a more than three-mile walking trail, four bathhouses, and Wi-Fi and cable TV access.

Hine wants to create a place where families like his own can come and relax, especially for fellow veterans.

“I happen to be a disabled veteran and I get really frustrated when people don’t recognize what people have given up for what they have,” Hine said.

He said it will cost between $70 and $80 a night to stay at the RV resort, with a two-night minimum. Hine also said he will give a 20% discount for his fellow veterans.

He said giving the people of this country, and those who served it, a nice place to relax is the least he can do.

“This isn’t something I need to make money,” Hine said. “I’m doing this because I want to do it for the people, and I want to do it for families that want to go somewhere to be relaxing and have a good time.

“It is going to be an awesome place to play and to be at, it’ll be good when I get it done.”

Hine also addressed the concern from area residents about trees in the area.

“I’m not cutting down any trees, hardwood trees, at all,” said Hine. “The forest is staying there, I’m only clearing out pines that will be getting in the way of the park.”

Hine said the first phase of the project should be completed by the fall.