KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A heat exchange manufacturing company, Kelvion Inc., is expanding its operations in Knoxville to bring more jobs and capital investment.

Kelvion will create 74 new jobs (currently hiring) and invest $3.8 million in Knox County. The expansion will be at the Forks of the River Valley Industrial Park in Knoxville, where Kelvion established operations three years ago.

“The 74 new jobs, which will result from Kelvion’s expansion, are great news for Knoxville. It shows our economy is strong and moving in the right direction,” said Sen. Becky Duncan Massey. “I am grateful for Kelvion’s investment in our community and appreciate the work of Kelvion’s team and state and local officials for helping to facilitate this expansion.”

The purpose of this expansion is to increase Kelvion’s production of its heat exchangers for the refrigeration and data center industries. Kelvion also seeks to improve its customers’ experience, harmonize product technology, expand production capabilities and reduce costs.

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe says, “Nearly fifty percent of new job commitments in East Tennessee are the result of expansions, proving that Tennessee provides the ideal pro-business climate for companies to grow. We thank Kelvion for creating more than 70 new family-wage jobs and investing again in Knox County.”