Newport puppy with severe chemical burns heals at Asheville animal rescue

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A Newport puppy with severe chemical burns is fighting for its life and healing at an Asheville, North Carolina animal rescue.

Initially, workers with Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County says the two-month -ld puppy, who they’ve named Hope, was found in a garbage bag with chemical burns on its tongue, ear and belly.

Hope was moved to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue for further medical care. The rescue says Hope underwent a lengthy surgery on Friday but her injuries were more severe than they expected. Her skin is still in the “sloughing” process, which can last up to 12 days after an injury. This means her condition can still decline over the next week.

“She’s a really sweet and feisty little pup,” said Brooke Fornea with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. “It’s heartbreaking. You can’t imagine how anyone could do this.”

Fornea says Hope is receiving 24-hour care.”

Whoever and whatever chemical was used, it really damaged her right ear and it damaged her sternum all the way down to her legs,” Fornea said.

Veterinarians at the animal rescue believe Hope will need one to two more surgeries.

“She may even end up losing her whole ear, which we hope doesn’t happen. She may lose a portion of her tongue from trying to lick whatever it was off her and she may end up having some kind of skin-graft,” added Fornea.

Veterinarians don’t know what kind of chemical burned Hope, but it’s all been flushed out of her system and she’s healing.

“Where her injuries are, she’s not able to lay down and rest. So she kind of has to sit up and tries to fall asleep. So our vets have actually been holding her every night so she can sleep,” said Fornea.

She says the puppy is on a high dose of antibiotics and pain medication.

“She’s been eating which is a great sign and she loves the vet who’s been taking care of her and she’s actually started wagging her tail,” Fornea said.

The good news is that Hope already has an adoptive home lined up.

“She’s only about 2.5 pounds, she’s really, really tiny but she’s a fighter and we’re really, really hopeful that she’s going to be okay,” said Fornea.

The Newport Police Department is asking for help from the community. They want to speak with someone who has direct, first-hand knowledge about what happened to Hope. Anyone with information is asked to call (423) 623-5556 ext. 501.

A fundraiser has been set up to help pay for Hope’s medical expenses.

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