LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WATE) — A grand jury has invoked the “stand your ground” statute and will not charge a Lenoir City homeowner in the shooting death of a man who attempted to enter the home back in May, according to Ninth District Attorney General Russell Johnson.

The fatal shooting occurred on May 17 at a home on W. 2nd Avenue. The deceased, identified by Lenoir City Police as Michael Owen, had attempted to force entry into the homeowner’s residence and was shot and killed.

Autopsy results indicate Owen, 20, was hit five times by the gunshots that went through the front door of the home; Owen had marijuana in his system, as well as “an extremely high level of methamphetamine.”

A news release from Johnson states that leading up to the fatal shooting, Owen had just jumped through a window at 502 W. 2nd Avenue (a known drug house that was later at the center of a heroin bust by LCPD) when LCPD was called by a different neighbor to that 502 residence because of a domestic disturbance or fight.

Johnson’s news release details how LCPD body camera with audio captured some of the fatal shooting event and how a loud noise is heard followed by banging on the door of the neighboring W. 2nd Avenue home by Owen with loud shouting before multiple shots are fired from inside the house and through the door by the owner of the neighboring W. 2nd Avenue – home killing Owen on the other side of the door on the doorstep.

Johnson’s news release states that the grand jury concurred with the District Attorney General’s decision not to bring criminal charges against the shooter based upon self-defense and the “stand your ground” statute. No criminal charges will be brought against the homeowner.

Tennessee’s “stand your ground” statute guarantees the right of a person to use force for self-defense – if there is a reasonable belief that there is an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. There are other certain criteria that must be met for this statute to be applicable under law.