Norris Lake Deerfield community residents in uproar over proposed new marinas

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An uproar in Campbell County on Tuesday as the Tennessee Valley Authority considers a proposal to add two new commercial marinas along Norris Lake.

The TVA is considering a proposal from contractors that would build additional docks in the Deerfield Resort area (around which the Deerfield Cove Marina is located) and adding up to 350 slips or boat spaces.

The TVA hosted a public information meeting Tuesday morning to get public input.

Several of those who already own property and slips said this proposal, if done, would have a dangerous impact on the already crowded area along Norris Lake. 

“This branch of Norris Lake is the most crowded, by far, of any section of the lake,” said Deerfield Resort property owner Mark Hickman. “And our concern as a community is that adding up to 350 new slips or new boats in the area is going to impact the safety of navigation. I think there will be environmental impacts as well as economic impacts – harm done to existing property owners and businesses in the area.”

As for those without boat slips, who already own property along the lake, they say the proposal is necessary as it has been unfair to those who have been promised equal access to the lakefront.  

“At this point, we have owners who already own property who most likely wouldn’t have access to boat slips, to have any place to keep their boats even if they’re already purchased,” said property owner Paula Lejeune. 

The project proposal is still in the public input phase. The TVA is requesting public input be received by Dec. 5. 

WATE 6 On Your Side will keep you up-to-date as the TVA works towards a decision. 

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