KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — For at least one Knox County woman and her family, the omicron variant is causing them to re-think the best and safest way to celebrate.

Mary King and her loved ones sat outside for Thanksgiving in 2020. The following month, Christmas came with some changes, too.

“We had planned to eat outside for Christmas, but as you know it snowed that day, we had a white Christmas. We did have dessert out in the snow,” King said.

Fast forward to this year, and King says the jury is still out on what their celebration will look like in just a few days.

“I have 4 grandchildren, 3 of which are not able to be vaccinated yet. One is only 3 months old and who has actually already had COVID when he was only a newborn. We are still concerned about that. Each family has to make their own decisions – what is safe for them. We’re still trying to figure that out for us,” she said.

Right now, she added, Omicron is leaving plans in limbo.

“Do we sit outside with a 3-month-old baby when it’s freezing? Or do we stay inside and wear masks and know we’re vaccinated,” King said.

She said it’s an exhausting conversation to have for yet another holiday, but she’s also not giving up hope.

“People get together and they do what they need to do to help each other. We need to keep doing that. I care about people, my family. It’s the greatest honor there is to care for others, and that’s what we all need to do, especially now,” said King.

In his remarks on Tuesday afternoon, President Biden said it is safe to celebrate with family and friends if you’re vaccinated, particularly so if you’ve gotten a booster shot.