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So many homeowners in our area are now dealing with the aftermath of floodwaters pouring into their homes and basements this weekend.

Reporter Elizabeth Kuebel is On Your Side. She sat down with the professionals, finding out how you can keep your home safe if it’s been underwater.

“The water was coming in the basement doors like a waterfall,” one Knoxville homeowner told us Sunday. 

It’s a sad reality many homeowners in the area are now facing. And tackling that issue is keeping the professionals busy.

The shelves at Servpro are nearly empty, with lots of equipment on the job. One of the company’s specialties – water restoration.

So we asked them, what do we do if we’re a homeowner with water that’s gotten inside?

A big tip, they say, extract. Get the water up, as quickly as possible.

“Primarily, what you’ve got to do is vacuum it up. If you have concrete floor, you can use a squeegee, potentially squeegee it out a door. Sometimes that’s effective. Shop-Vac, that’s what a lot of people are doing,” said Operations Manager Charles Peterson. “If you’ve got carpet pad, I strongly recommend that you remove it. Because you’re probably not going to be successful in drying it.” 

After that, it’s dry time. Peterson saying you want to get the temperature up to about 80 degrees or higher.

“Get some air movement with box fans or whatever you have, and then some dehumidification so that you don’t allow the relative humidity to rise too much,” he said.

Something else to keep in mind: “Within 48 to 72 hours, begin to develop mold.” 

Wet basements or floors, can also spell trouble. And also potentially dangerous: the floodwater itself. 

The CDC saying it can contain human and animal waste and other contaminants that could lead to illness. 

They say if you must get in the floodwater, wear rubber boots, rubber gloves and goggles.

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