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From bracing for the cold to getting out in it – we wanted to find out the best ways for all of us to dress to keep ourselves safe as temperatures dip.

“I think the first key is to not overdress with one bulky garment, but to try what they call layering. By that I mean you’ll start with base layer which is your underwear, and you do not want to use cotton. There is an old phrase out there ‘cotton kills.’ If cotton gets wet it pulls the heat from your body,” said Ed McAlister, the president of River Sports Outfitters. 

That’s why McAlister says it’s best to use either a wool or synthetic as that base layer. After that, he said, add on some type of fleece or maybe a down sweater.

Top off your bulky layer with a wind or rain shell, he said, to help block the wind. Keeping in mind, if you get warm, you can always take a layer off.

“You don’t want to overheat. If you get hot and sweat then that’s going to make you cold,” McAlister said. 

McAlister also suggests making sure your gloves and socks aren’t cotton and says it’s best to keep your head covered.

“Your head is probably the most important thing. Forty percent of your body heat will come out of your head,” he said. 

Good tips to keep in mind as temperatures dip, but McAlister also leaving us, with something equally as important he says, to remember.

“I think the most important thing is go out in this weather and enjoy it, dress properly but it’s beautiful. This is the time of year you can go out and just really enjoy the outdoors,” he said.

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