KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Thanksgiving is around the corner and it’s the peak day for home-cooking fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

One thing contributing to these fires is deep frying turkeys – incorrectly.

Knox County Rural Metro Fire Department says its crews respond to an average of six of these turkey-related incidents every year.

On Wednesday, firefighters demonstrated just how quickly this method can turn dangerous.

RMFD saying the first thing to remember if you’re going to fry a turkey is to do so in a safe place.

“Every year, somebody tries this under a wooden deck, in their garage, on their patio, with their porch overhand, or too near their house,” says RMF’s Jeff Bagwell. “Invariably, somebody will burn their house down as a result of frying a turkey the wrong way.”

Here are some things RMFD says to keep in mind:

  • Fill the pot you’re using only to the fill line, not above it – to ensure the oil won’t overflow when you put the turkey in
  • Thaw the bird completely
  • Heat the oil at recommended levels – do not overheat

To give examples of the wrong way of turkey frying, RMFD didn’t thaw their bird, and heated the oil to a way-too-hot 400 degrees.

(Photos: WATE)

RMFD also says if you have a problem, to immediately call the fire department and it’s not a bad idea to also have a fire extinguisher on-hand.