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Reminders of layering clothing, limiting time outdoors, and keeping pets inside overnight: All signs of cold temperatures. 

With those colder temperatures, come tips for safely being outdoors, when one has to, as temperatures drop below freezing. 

“It’s stressful on your body. your vessels constrict and pull blood to the core of your body, it’s trying to save your organs at the expense of your hands, arms, legs and feet,” said Kim Crouch, an advanced nurse practioner with Summit Medical Group

Crouch says although she doesn’t frequently see patients with treatment needs of hypothermia or frost bite, there are signs our bodies give to signal when we’re reaching those limits. 

“Your body has to warm that air, at 15 degrees it’s really hard for your body to warm air,” said Crouch. 

Rules Crouch suggests for those trying everyday activities, like yard work or working out: Layering clothes and limiting time outside. 

“Also if you’re out working hard under layers you could hurt yourself because you’re sweating. So wear layers, but be comfortable,” said Crouch. 

She says taking a break from outdoor activity every 10-15 minutes to stay warm. 

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