Oneida woman’s mobile home left unfinished after nearly a year

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The mobile home industry is big business in East Tennessee. Thousands are sold every year. Usually, setting up a home goes without a hitch, but not for a widow in Onedia. She was worried her one-year warranty will soon expire and she hasn’t even gotten to move in yet.

Cissy Anderson bought the home in January and there are lots of problems with it. The proper installation and set up of a manufactured home are vital. Improper installation can result in serious damage. The stress on one small part of the structure can impact the entire home.

Anderson bought the mobile home less than a year after her husband died and despite all the months that have gone by, the set up still isn’t done.

Anderson has waited patiently for the foundation around her new home to be finished. Cement blocks still litter the side of her yard. Around back, big gaps remain in the foundation despite her pleas to finish the job. It took months before the gas was set up and some of the completed work is sloppy.

Anderson’s front yard is like a construction zone. Two piles of sand and a stack of blocks decorate the yard.

“He didn’t clean it up. He just went off and left it. He fired the guy doing the blocks. He just went off and left it,” said Anderson.

Anderson bought the double wide from First Select in Scott County. She paid $51,000 cash for the home, plus another $6,000 for foundation work, landscaping and other items.  

“He told me when I bought it, you’ll be in your house within four to six weeks,” said Anderson.

In the master bath, the tub’s siding is loose. Anderson paid an extra $110 for two drywall panels to divide the kitchen from the living room. They were never put up. Payments on the home were made in early January and February of this year. It was April before the house was moved to her property. It’s been a tough year for Anderson as a recent widow.

“I’ve been having to go to a doctor. I’ve been on nerve pills on account of it. I’ve been sick. I can’t sleep at night. And I’ve had bad dreams and it’s all account of this,” she said. “I want my home done. Yes. that’s all I want, my home done.”

The man who sold her the home is Keith Clotfelter of First Select. The Scott County lot is one of several he operates in East Tennessee.

“And I called the ladies at the trailer lot. [They said,] ‘We’ll tell him and he’ll get back to you.’ But he never calls me back,” said Anderson.

Two months ago, Mary and Tim Skipper shared similar story about the long delay in completing their mobile home in Maryville sold by First Select of Powell.

The Skippers waited weeks for the flooring to be finished and several months to complete the underpinning. Their contract shows they paid $59,000, plus another $16,000 – in cash – to Keith Clotfelter.

WATE 6 On Your Side, with Anderson by our side, called Keith Clotfelter. He apologized for the delay, assured Anderson the job will be done soon and said her warranty will be extended.

“When we get her satisfied and signed off, she will have a one year warrant from that point forward,” said Clotfelter.

She’s expecting the final touches on the home to be finished within weeks.

Home buyers are often put in an awkward situation when it comes to installation of their home. Typically, the dealership will either have their own installation department or will recommend contractors. Most home buyers aren’t going to know of any installers, so they’ll go with the dealership.

Anderson paid thousands of dollars for her home and she needs it properly installed to protect her investment.

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