Parents pull kids out of Knox County school due to COVID-19 concerns

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — COVID-19 cases among students at Knox County Schools continues to rise, prompting the school board to schedule a discussion about COVID protocols. But nearly a month into the school year, some parents believe it’s too late.

Levi and Erin Dodd, parents of two Knox County students, say have made the decision to pull their kids from class until better precautions are in place.

Levi Dodd says, “Last year Knox County did an amazing job. We had our kids out in virtual and the school system did such a good job that we honestly second-guessed having our kids out in virtual. They did a phenomenal job with all the protocols. So, now, having none of those in pace has brought us here.”

One of Dodd’s children has a viral-induced form of asthma; so, she’s at higher risk of developing a serious COVID-19 case. This family, among others, believes the district and the state need to take the health of all their students and staff more seriously.

Erin Dodd says, “There’s a higher risk even when they’re vaccinated, but not being vaccinated with no protocols and just is asking for too much trust for parents to place in an administration that doesn’t seem to be acknowledging that there’s a problem.”

Knox County Schools will consider a mask mandate as part of the COVID response during their meeting on September 1.

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