ALCOA, Tenn. (WATE) — Across the country flights were canceled due to COVID-19 staffing shortages over the holiday weekend.

After all the cancelations or delays, some people are just glad to be back home after the holidays.

Rodney Sellers is from Murphy, North Carolina, and was waiting on his wife Monday at McGhee Tyson Airport.

“She went to Punta Gorda, well Fort Myers,” Sellers said. “She flew into Punta Gorda to visit with her daughter and her grandson and had a really good time. Now it’s time to come home.”

His wife Patricia spent the holidays with her daughter since it’s been four years since they’ve seen each other. She left about 10 days ago, before airlines started to see a lot of cancellations or delays, but coming back home was a different story.

“She said issues with the flight going there, it was perfect; nothing,” Sellers said. “Tonight it was an hour-and-a-half delay.

“It started out as a twenty-minute delay, and then it was an hour delay, and then it was an hour and a half.”

Sellers said his wife doesn’t have a cellphone but he’s been tracking her flight on the app. He wasn’t bothered by the wait though.

“It is what it is,” he said. “There’s not a whole lot you can do about it.”

Matthew Wood was also trying to get back home to Tennessee after spending the holiday with his sister in Texas, but hours before his flight, he got an email from the airline.

“Flying from Texas to here and they canceled,” he said. “It took me two hours to [re]book the flight.”

A spokesperson with McGhee Tyson Airport said there were a minimal amount of cancelations or delays on Monday. Most were due to the weather.

However, connecting flights at other airports may be affected.

Wood is just glad to be back home and Sellers is happy to see his wife after the busy holiday.

At last check on Monday night, McGhee Tyson Airport had five flight cancelations in the last 24 hours according to