Sunday morning the Pedal for Alzheimer’s event kicked off. A team of 12 cyclists will ride 1,098 miles over the next 11 days  in honor of Coach Pat Summitt’s 1,098 NCAA career wins.

Michelle Brooke-Marciniak is a former Lady Vol. She was Summit’s MVP point guard during the 1996 NCAA Championship. 

“I watched my coach go through this and it’s near and dear to my heart,” said Brooke-Marciniak. 

Brooke-Marciniak co-founded Pedal for Alzheimer’s with John Crisp as a way to honor Summitt’s memory and bring awareness to the disease.

“Watching her go through this disease, I was almost awestruck at just the severity of what happens to someone once they get the disease,” said Brooke Marciniak. “How much it affects not only the patient, but the family and the support system and the caregivers surrounding them.”

Last year the event was Pedal for Pat but this year the duo turned the ride into a bigger movement called Pedal for Alzheimers. 

“It’s awesome,” said Crisp. “There’s a ton of support crew, there’s a ton of riders going with us today. This ride is open to the public. People are coming in and want to ride with our team.”

The team will travel from Knoxville to Daytona Beach. The funds raised will go to the Alzheimer’s Research Initiative at UT Medical Center

“She would love what we’re doing today,” said Brooke-Marciniak. “She would love what we’re doing for the next 11 days. She would probably want to have 365 days a year.”

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