KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — America’s fastest-growing sport is also Pellissippi State Community College’s most popular noncredit class.

“You don’t have to play more than once to become addicted. The feel, the sound, and the excitement,” said Patrick Fox, a PSCC pickleball instructor.

There’s a pickleball explosion happening nationwide. The sport is a cross between tennis, ping-pong, and badminton.

“After you walk off the court you go, I think I got this; this is fun,” said Fox.

Pellissippi State already added another clinic to its summer schedule to keep up with the demand. The instructors are tennis players who fell in love with the low-impact sport.

“He’s like the pickleball wizard. I mean he kind of looks the part too, but I mean he is the pickleball wizard and working with him has just been phenomenal,” said Lisa Burkett, a PSCC pickleball instructor.

Fox and Burkett, armed with a paddle and plastic Wiffle-style ball, are eager to share the rules of the game with students. They prefer to practice with smaller class sizes, so everyone gets the attention they need.

“I like working one-on-one or small classes because I like to see results. I don’t want anybody to walk away not happy,” said Fox.

Whether you’re competing in tournaments or playing on a neighborhood court, they can help you toe the line.

“I love seeing someone who has never played walkout at the end of one of our clinics so excited, playing several times a week and playing a pretty decent game, so that’s rewarding,” said Burkett.

The four-week beginner clinic is on the Hardin Valley Campus. The clinic is in June on Thursday nights and costs $100. Visit to register for classes online.