KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)– We’re continuing our coverage of a tragic and still unsolved killing that claimed the life of a Knoxville singer. Now, his fellow performers are carrying forward his legacy in song.

Alonzo Rodgers was fatally shot on Nichols Avenue the day before Thanksgiving 2021. He had a powerful voice. His friends and fellow musicians said he used it to bring joy to others.

Wednesday, they’re honored him in the best way they know how and that’s through music.

Lane Shuler is part of the musical group Good Guy Collective, which is how he met Alonzo Rodgers.

Shuler said, “he [Alanzo] was just a raw talent, but he was also a very genuine person. Ask him to do anything for you and he would do it.”

Alonzo was known for his powerful vocals and his genuine spirit.

“If you were to picture a singer in your dreams, like a bubbly, happy singer, that would be Alonzo,” said producer William Johnson.

Before his death, Rodgers, Shuler and Johnson were working on what they didn’t know at the time would be one of the last songs that they would record together.

“We brought him in the studio and just kind of let him jam out on this song because I knew I needed another voice to cut through and he was just fantastic,” said Shuler.

“Meeting Alonzo for the first time and seeing how utterly incredible he was at singing, there weren’t many struggles at all,” Johnson said. “It was really just kind of a long, fun experience.”

After Rodgers’ death, they weren’t sure if they were going to release the song, but they say it’s a tribute to one of Knoxville’s greatest’s singers.

“We were planning on releasing it maybe in January and we said in November, let’s sit on this for a while, and think about it,” Shuler explained. “And we sat on it until maybe may and then we started tweaking it and we said, let’s put it out.”

The music video was filmed across East Tennessee and shows landmarks from Knoxville, Townsend and Maryville.

“I hope this song inspires people,” Shuler said. “I hope it shows that life is not all about the negative.”

They hope the song sheds a positive light on Alonzo Rogers, a voice that will live on through the music he loved to sing.

You can watch the full music video on YouTube.

KPD said investigators followed up on a tip just last week regarding Alonzo Rodgers’ case, but it didn’t bring any new information.

They’re asking anyone with information to call east Tennessee Valley Crime Stoppers at 865-215-7165.