Pet peacocks cause problems between Lenoir City neighbors

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Sandy McDaniel and his family have lived in rural Lenoir City for decades and bred peacocks during that time. McDaniel got new neighbors two and a half years ago who are less than thrilled with the birds. 

“This time last year, we had a neighbor that filed a complaint about our peacocks,” said McDaniel. “We’ve got two roosters and a hen and she didn’t like them coming on her property and she didn’t like the noise they made.”

McDaniel and his neighbor went to court last year but the issue still isn’t resolved. 

“In mid-March we again attempted a compromise. The owners decline to confine the peacocks and say if they cannot catch them they will have to be put down,” said his neighbor.

The neighbor says she has tried to work and help find solutions to the problem but the McDaniels haven’t been willing to compromise. She says the noise is unbearable and affects the value of their property if they should try to sell. 

“We have tried everything we could,” said the neighbor. “If the only option is putting them down, they have chosen that option.”

Other neighbors in the area say the peacocks are not a problem.

“They haven’t ever bothered anybody except in the spring in mating times they call a lot,” said one neighbor. “The noise is not bothersome, I like listening to them.”

McDaniel has by Saturday at 2 p.m. to either have them fenced in or gone. If not he will get another citation. 

“We can’t catch them,” said McDaniel. “We’ve built all kinds of traps and it just hasn’t worked.”

McDaniel says he may have to put them down if no solution is found by then. 

“We don’t even want to talk about it,” said McDaniel. “They’re like part of the family.”

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