KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Many people are entering 2022 wanting answers after a fire destroyed the Knoxville Planned Parenthood location, while many others are worrying about access to services they count on. Knoxville Fire Department investigators have not yet determined a potential cause of the Friday morning blaze. But conversation about the clinic and its place in the community is heating up.

Barry Golden volunteers for Planned Parenthood once a month. He said he does it for those who rely on their services and wouldn’t have access to them otherwise. “I’m here because I have a nine-year-old daughter that I want to be able to make use of some of these services. I don’t want to live in an area where girls and women can’t get these services. Period,” he said.

Golden, who greets patients on days he volunteers, pointed out their services go well beyond abortions. “I’ve seen women and young girls go there just to get consultations, just to get basic checkups,” he added. Planned Parenthood also offers birth control, testing, vaccines, and LGBT services.

Ari Sanchez drives nearly an hour from Sweetwater for testosterone shots at the Knoxville location. “My primary care doctor referred me to Planned Parenthood because most primary care doctors don’t deal with giving prescriptions like that,” Sanchez said.

He fears the emotional and physical changes that could come from a lapse in hormone therapy. “Who I am today, compared to April, is a totally different person, and a better person, too,” he said. “Having to go back in my transition, that’s frightening to think about. I don’t want to think about that,” he added.

Ken Peters, Pastor of Patriot Church in Lenoir City, organizes anti-abortion prayer events across from the clinic. He said Friday the news of the fire brings him no joy. “This is not going to stop abortion. It’s the changing of hearts and minds. It’s the changing of laws. This might temporarily halt abortion, but this doesn’t stop it,” Peters said. “We care about life. That’s why we’re here. We don’t want anybody hurt. Christians would never participate in any sort of destruction of property, or looting, or rioting. That’s what the world does,” he added.

The year is ending similarly to how it started for Knoxville’s Planned Parenthood location. In January, we reported shots were fire into the entrance of the location. Friday, a spokesperson for the Knoxville FBI office confirmed no resolution was ever reached in that investigation.

Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi is offering telehealth services for impacted patients seeking gender affirming hormone therapy or birth control refills. They can call 866-711-1717.