A popular West Knoxville restaurant failed its most recent health inspection this week and is awaiting reinspection. Wasabi, at 226 Lovell Road, scored a 63 on their inspection. Anything below 70 is considered failing. 

In the report, the inspector noted he saw four employees eating food that had been cleared from tables, a violation of health rules. In addition, a cockroach was spotted in the kitchen.

Read More: Full Health Inspection Report

The inspector also saw a person at the dishwasher wiping his hands on a dirty apron. A dirty, wet rag was also seen at the sushi preparation table. Food choppers were not taken apart and cleaned properly. And the kitchen floor was dirty.

Finally, food temperatures were off. Sushi fish was held between 45 and 47 degrees. It must be held at 41 degrees or lower. 

Wasabi will be reinspected soon.

The next lowest grade is a 69 at Kasumi Japanese and Thai Cafe on Campbell Station Road, also a failing grade.

The inspector said there was no manager in the restaurant when it was inspected. When questioned, employees didn’t know the five symptoms of illness. Sushi rice had been left out at room temperature and raw meat was stored over ready-to-eat food, increasing the chances of bacteria from the meat spilling onto the prepared food.

A reinspection is scheduled soon.

Here are the top scores this week:

  • Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, 10901 Parkside Drive: 100
  • Copper Cellar – Upstairs, 1807 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Panera Bread, 2000 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Mellow Mushroom, 2109 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Hibachi Factory, 1815 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1701 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Jimmy John’s, 1905 Cumberland Avenue: 100
  • Garden Grill, 1718 Lake Avenue: 100
  • Maple Hall Restaurant: 414 S. Gay Street: 100
  • Preservation Pub, 28 Market Square: 100
  • J.C. Holdway, 501 Union Avenue: 100
  • Nick & J’s Cafe, 1526 Lovell Road: 100