POWELL, Tenn. (WATE) — Residents in the Broadacres neighborhood are cleaning up what the Wednesday night storm left behind, making it an overall team effort.

Some came together to clear roadways that didn’t even affect them. After a recent storm that also left trees down, Ken Lolow said he saw the how everyone came together and was inspired to do the same after this storm.

“I just feel like it’s the right thing to do, and I think a lot of times it gets lost,” he said.

However, many residents are picking up the pieces in their own yard.

“I want to get my place cleaned back up,” Robert Chele, a Broadacres resident, said.

Chele had been working to get a tree that fell on top of his truck off since two Thursday morning. After several hours, well after the sun came up, he finally cut it down enough. The sight of it when it all first happened, however, was one that blew him away.

“Me and my wife looked outside and the tree was laying overtop my truck. Pulled it (the tree) right out of the ground, it was just a gust of wind that came all at one time,” Chele said.

Many other residents inside the Broadacres neighborhood have similar stories of the aftermath of the storm. For them, it’s becoming a frequent task.

“The crazy thing is this is the second time we’ve gone through a storm like this in the last few weeks,” Greg Cunningham said.

He was one of the Broadacres residents who was frightened by a loud sound that he said shook his home. What he found was what he thought to be unbelievable.

“Honestly in the dark, with it raining like that, it took me a minute or two to just process what had actually happened,” he said.

A whole tree had been uprooted from Cunningham’s backyard.

“I see this gigantic ball of roots sticking up that’s almost as tall as my house and it was pretty mind-bending for sure,” he said.

Right next door, Rebeca Jalil was just as shocked at what she saw in her yard.

“We realized that big branches had fallen on two of our cars that were there. One of them is completely smashed and the other one we cannot even see,” she said.

Now Jalil and others in the neighborhood are trying to look beyond the roots as they’re thankful it wasn’t much worse.

“We’re good, it’s okay, at least we’re safe and the house is good,” Jalil said.

Some residents are already looking ahead in order to avoid something like this again. Cunningham said he had an arborist come out to assess his yard and plans to have a few more trees removed. As for the other residents, they are doing whatever they can to stay prepared.