KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Live production crews, those responsible for lighting, audio and stage setup have been without a job for more than a month.

Those companies are losing 100% of their revenue, as soon as concerts and festivals started cancelling, during a normally critical season.

The chairman of Bandit Lites, a large production company based out of Knoxville, told WATE they lost at least 30 big clients.

They tell us it’s likely the live entertainment industry will be one of the last industries able to start back up, and it’s hurting them.

“Right now you see a whole lot of artists streaming, well they’re doing that from their living room and there are no live production people there. There is no sound, no lights, no video, no buses, bo pyro, none of the excitement that you see at a rock show so that will not come back until crowds come back so we know that we’re the caboose of the train of recovery.”

Michael Strickland – Chairman Bandit Lites

Bandit Lites has 60 employees in Knoxville and around 300 nationwide.

We’re told all of those employees are still being paid, but that doesn’t account for the thousand of contract workers needed for each and every show put on.