Proposed Tennessee bill marks licenses of DUI offenders

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An East Tennessee lawmaker is looking to prevent DUI offenders from buying alcohol for three years. State Rep. Bud Hulsey hopes it will hep prevent drunk driving.

The bill asks for their licenses to be marked. That way businesses know not to sell alcohol to them. If they do, the bill says they could face a misdemeanor charge.

“On that license, it’ll have a red strip across it that says you can’t purchase alcohol,” said Hulsey.

The response in East Tennessee towards the bill is across the board. Some thought lawmakers should strengthen existing laws instead of creating new ones. Others believed the bill should only apply to repeat offenders. Regardless of the point of view, LMU law professor Akram Faizer says the bill is completely legal.

“Tennessee has complete sovereignty as a state on how it wants to regulate alcohol in its borders,” he said.

Since states make that decision, he says the bill could not prevent a DUI offender from purchasing alcohol outside of Tennessee.

It’s a fight very personal to Hulsey. His friend was killed by a drunk driver. 

“Do all we can to stop people from driving drunk or driving impaired,” Hulsey said.

Hulsey says he is still looking for a bill sponsor. He hopes to introduce the bill next week.

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