KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Tennessee Smokies baseball team owner Randy Boyd said Tuesday he would be announcing projects in Knoxville’s Old City neighborhood within the next six months, but a baseball stadium would not be one of them.

Boyd announced last month he had bought the Knox Rail Salvage property at 400 E. Jackson Avenue, fueling speculation he would be relocating the baseball team. Records requests from both Knoxville and Sevier County officials revealed discussion about the possibility and feasibility of moving the team.

WATE 6 On Your Side Reporter Stephanie Beecken caught up with Boyd Tuesday and asked him about the prospects of building a baseball stadium in the Old City and moving the Smokies there.

“We’ve got a contract to be in Sevier County until 2025. We love the people in Sevier County. They’ve supported us and the family, and we are still supporting the Old City at the same time. We’re buying up lots of land and we’re hopefully going to be announcing some other projects – no baseball stadium – but other projects in the next six months in the Old City to help create a more vibrant community there,” said Boyd.Hear more form WATE 6 On Your Side Reporter Stephanie Beecken’s conversation with Randy Boyd tonight at 6.Previous stories: