KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As we continue our salute to Remarkable Women in our area, meet a young teacher at Inskip Elementary whose job is to help kids who struggle for a variety of reasons. Blair Harrison never takes a lunch break and devotes long hours to her students.

The inspiring teacher, simply known as Miss Blair, pours everything she has into the children she helps. WATE’s Lori Tucker surprised her with the announcement that she had been chosen as one of the four nominees for our 2023 WATE/Nexstar Remarkable Women contest. The surprise really caught her off guard.

“I had no idea that any of this was going on or any of those details so I was truly shocked,” said Harrison.

“I would say it was a complete shock. She probably had no clue whatsoever because she just doesn’t think like that. She’s a very selfless person,” said Erin Stewart, one of Harrison’s co-workers who nominated her for the contest.

In her role in behavior intervention, Harrison has enjoyed good times and special moments. She is always wearing a welcoming smile even when the days are challenging.

“It can definitely be hard just knowing what they’re going through and you think if I just had a little more time or a little bit more one-on-one or a little more attention I could give them, how much more I could teach them,” said Harrison.

Several of Harrison’s students shared how she has helped them.

“She helped me stay in my classroom more so I don’t run out and when I do run out she helped me with coping skills and how to solve the problem,” said Ralph.

“She helps me when I get mad and she let me go to the calm-down room and the peace corner,” said Clara Lee.

Children like Ralph and Clara Lee learn about behavior through powerful A-Z character traits listed on the wall. It’s a method Harrison came up with.

“A lot of kids when they hear be good, they might have their own idea of what that is or what that looks like at home but they don’t have all the vocabulary to really be able to share how they’re feeling or what they want to do,” said Harrison.

Her soft-spoken ways and her care and compassion resonate with the students, who are learning to be proud of themselves for each milestone they reach.