KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Kat Eldridge has a passion for helping people stay active through their senior years.

Her exercise classes are always packed and several members of that class took the time to nominate Eldridge as one of WATE’s Remarkable Women.

WATE stopped by one of her classes to make the announcement.

“She is in our top four! We are not announcing the winner yet!” Lori Tucker said to the workout class at Deane Hill Recreation Center.

Our top four finalist list includes Eldridge who is a force that helps get the big group of dedicated seniors in the door to her free workouts three times a week.

“There’s probably more replaced joints in there that we could count,” said Lynn Mercer, a class member who nominated Eldridge. “Pacemakers and every other thing, but everybody comes and does the best they can, and has a good time.”

It is a workout through the Knox County Health Department program called S.A.I.L. which stands for Stay Active and Independent.

The woman who makes it work provides an engaging hour of fun and fitness.

“I’m very much of a servant type person,” Eldridge said, “and people are important. They  just are, and they’re important to me.”

But Eldridge’s impact goes beyond each class.

“She really cares about you. So every Sunday, she’s gonna send you an email telling you about this week’s class including a little article on health, a little something else. This week it was a trivia test about Tennessee,” Mercer said.

“There may be one person in this class that has a bad day. I don’t know who they are, but if that one person walks away from one of these classes and feel better about it,” she said with tears welling in her eyes.

“How can you not?”

Classes are designed to help seniors reduce the risk of falling and address other health topics.

For more information, look up Exercise/SAIL at