Renters at Rainbow Hotel told they have until Jan. 10 to get out

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A certified letter notified residents at the Rainbow Motel they have until January 10 to find somewhere else to live. It says the property sold December 27.

Penny England has lived in the motel for 16 months. She’s fearful she won’t find somewhere affordable for herself and her two children to move.

“There is no where for the locals here to live to run this tourist destination. If you don’t have places for your local people to live, what are they going to do,” she asked. 

England says she works two jobs to make ends meet. A receipt shows England paid  half of January rent a day after the property sold.

Jacqueline Brown fears if she doesn’t find something, she could lose her children.

“I’m 27 years old. I have my daughter with me… I work to have a place to live. It’s not much, but it is something. I don’t have anybody. I’m not from here. A bunch of us is not from here,” she said. 

Brown says a local church gave her a handout with housing options, but none of them are shaking out so far.

“Everywhere is either senior, filled up or too much,” she said. 

Brown and England both want more time. Although the notice states residents have two weeks notice, from December 28 until January 10 to get out, many told me they just learned about the notice Wednesday.

“In this town, you cannot find a place in that amount of time. it’s just not ample time,” England added. 

Brown is asking for a full 30 days.

“Not all of us are from here and got somebody. There’s not a homeless shelter here. Most of us don’t got cars.”

Many residents still haven’t opened their mail to find the certified letter giving them days to find new homes. 

WATE 6 On Your Side has have confirmed the developer plans to open a hotel in the location. 

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