Report: Recent Mountain View youth detention facility disturbances involved juvenile inmates

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DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WATE) – Unrest, threats of riots, broken windows and doors along with an employee needing medical attention – all recently occurred at the Mountain View Academy for Young Men in one night.

We told you about a reported riot at the facility on Wednesday, Nov. 6, but later state officials released a statement that negated that initial information and said the incident was that of an employee who needed medical attention and was “not related to any youth” in the facility.

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According to newly obtained police reports, officers were called out to the detention facility Wednesday night for an injured staff member; upon arrival, officers say they were told of several broken windows and doors and officers also heard a group of inmates chanting. Officers also found that a staff member had, in fact, suffered a seizure.

The TrueCore employee who was in charge that night advised police he preferred law enforcement not enter the facility because “the inmates would get unruly.”

Officers observed facility employees helping the injured employee exit one of the units of the facility to the main entrance, where EMS gave medical treatment and took him to Jefferson County Hospital.

Facility guards were unable to gain control of the inmates and requested the help of law enforcement. Employees told police, “they have broken glass, kids won’t go to their rooms, and threaten to riot.”

Requesting backup, an estimated 24 officers from multiple agencies responded to the scene and entered the facility, where they began “methodically, escorting the inmates back into the cells” of one of the facility units after juvenile inmates “demonstrated resistance.”

At one point, a juvenile inmate had to be dry-tazed on the thigh for officers “to gain compliance.” The report states the juvenile was not injured from the Taser incident.

Police were eventually able to get control of the facility.

During and just prior to Halloween weekend, police had responded to multiple incidents at the detention facility on reports of assault, noncompliance, escape attempts and an active riot involving juvenile inmates. One juvenile inmate was arrested following those incidents.

WATE 6 On Your Side reached out to both the state and TrueCore Behavioral Solutions, the company that runs Mountain View Academy for Young Men, regarding the Nov. 6 incidents.

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