KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WATE) — An incident report from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on a Heiskell dog attack that left a 7-month-old child severely injured has been released. Deputies responded Saturday to a home on Depot Road to find that a 7-month old boy had been attacked by 70 pound Red Nose Pit Bull named Keelo.

The report says that the child had severe injures to the head, right chest area, shoulder and that there was blood around him on the floor. The dog’s owners, the child’s grandparents, along with police were keeping Keelo in the bathroom. While there, police were able to get a catchpole loop around the dog’s neck. The officers then took him from the house into a police vehicle. According to the report, Keelo was vomiting clear liquid intermittently on the way to the vehicle. He was taken to Young Williams Animal Center.

The dog’s owners had injuries as well. The male owner had numerous scratches on his chest and stomach and puncture wounds on his right hand. The female owner was injured on both her hands and left breast. The owners explained that the dog was jealous of the child and that Keelo is either keep in his kennel or in a separate room when the child is visiting.

According to the police report, they owned Keelo for at least 4 years and it was a rescue. They said the dog has belonged to a drug dealer at one point and was taken from a bad situation. Keelo had not been taken to a vet by the owners according to the report, the owners have also been cited for having an animal without a rabies vaccination. The owners told police they “want the dog destroyed”.

The report also outlines the conditions of Keelo’s kennel. The carper underneath the kennel had been ripped up and no food or water was in the kennel. In addition, police found several large piles of poop and the smell of feces and urine was strong on the porch. There was a sheet of plywood blocking anything from entering or exiting the front porch according to the report.

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