A ribbon cutting was held Wednesday at the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, and what a reason to celebrate. It’s the first in North America to offer a breakthrough breast imaging unit that doesn’t require compression of the breasts.

It’s called the Koning Breast CT. It’s FDA-approved for use in pinpointing breast tumors and other problems after a screening mammogram sees that something isn’t right. Unlike a mammogram, the exam is easy and painless.

The 3D CT scan produces high contrast images of the breast, 360 degrees, at every angle, taking only 10 seconds for each breast. Radiation levels are close to those of diagnostic mammograms.

Jennifer Allison says this is perfect for her. She has a history of breast lumps, and says, “it’s a lot better as a diagnostic tool than anything invasive.”

This is the first time a CT scan can be used on the breast.

Dr. Kamila Kozlowski is the founder of KCBC and a physician.

“It’s not just another chapter in breast imaging, it’s going to be a whole new book on how we image the breast in years to come,” Kozlowski said.

We asked if this could one day take the place of the traditional mammogram for screening.
David Georges, Senior VP for Koning says, “that is definitely on the roadmap for our continued development. We think the initial screening exam is the most important exam but it is also very typical in the medical industry to introduce products of this nature in the diagnostic realm that confirms clinically that it is working appropriately and then we apply for necessary clearances for a screening device.”

Patients like Jennifer are looking forward to the day this can be used as a screening tool for breast cancer, but thankful it’s here to give answers on what can be a scary diagnosis.
More information can be found here: www.knoxvillebreastcenter.com