ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WATE) — A Rockwood Police K-9 “Odin” died over the Fourth of July weekend, according to the Rockwood Police Department. His funeral was held Saturday, July 16, at the Evans Mortuary.

Rockwood Police Sgt. Jared Hall shared that the K-9 worked in narcotics for about three years in Rockwood. He was partnered with Rockwood Police Officer Charles “Charlie” Haubrich.

“K-9 Odin was more than just my partner, he was my best friend, my eyes, ears and nose out on the street and did whatever asked of him. Never complaining, nor seeming to want to rest,” Haubrich said.

According to Haubrich, Odin served in several agencies like the Harriman Police Department and Tennessee Highway Patrol. He was also known for his K-9 demonstrations in schools and community interest groups.

Haubrich and Odin were trained by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Department and their K-9 Unit.

“The two greatly demonstrated what partners are in law enforcement,” Hall said. “Odin and Charlie worked every shift together. [From] answering calls ranging from domestics, vehicle accidents to assaults.”

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Odin was laid to rest in the Evans Mortuary on Saturday, July 16.

According to the Rockwood Police, he will be missed as a member of the Rockwood Police Department and never be forgotten for his loyal and dedicated service.

“Rest in Peace Buddy, job well done,” Haubrich said. “We all have it from here and someday I will see you on the other side of that rainbow bridge.”

Editor’s note: Updates on the story will be made soon.